Zakiya miniature poodles have a soft woolen coat. Although it doesn’t shed, it does grow and requires cutting and grooming.

Depending on how you like your dog to look, grooming should be every 4-6 weeks.

It is advisable to have your dog professionally groomed by an experienced dog handler.  They will be able to discuss with you the best clip for your poodle, to suit your lifestyle and grooming level.

At Zakiya we recommend It’s a Dog’s Life grooming parlour in Manukau City.

This is a boutique grooming parlour, where you can let the experts do the work for you, secure in the knowledge that your poodle is getting the one on one and experienced handling/grooming they deserve!

There is also a ‘do it yourself’ washing service, where you can bring your poodle and wash and dry him/her yourself in-between clips, with the use of professional facilities and products. It takes the hassle out of bath time!

Click the button to book your poodle in for grooming with ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’, or to contact them for advice  on grooming your pet.

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